About Samba World Percussion

Welcome to Samba World Percussion’s official website. Here you’ll find a comprehensive online music shop catering for musicians that are looking for something a little different on their musical journey. Most of the musical instruments you will be able to buy online through our secure checkout, or if you’d prefer, all the listed musical instruments are available over the counter from our Maleny store that is situated on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

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Over the years, Samba World Percussion has built up a reputation as being a leading importer of quality percussion instruments into Australia. For example, some of the imported percussion instruments and accessories you would expect to find listed in this website would include; Djembes, Bougarabou, DoumDoum, Bellaphone, Bass Chekeres, pro Kalimbas, Djembe Kessing, water resistant Djembe bags, Apitua and the Caxixi. By no means is this the full extent of Samba World Percussion’s full range, but it does give you an example of some of our most popular percussion instruments that we sell.

An example of some of the unique percussion instruments that we import would include Gongs, Thunder Drums, Energy Chimes and many hand held percussion instruments. But probably our most popular line of imported instrument is the legally ‘kiln-dried plantation mahogany’ Djembes that are suitable for beginners and cater upwards to intermediate players.

Over the years, people who wanted to make their own drums have approached Samba World Percussion for the basic things you need to make your own drum. So for drum makers wanting to ‘make your own drum’, we can supply you with authentic drum shells of the highest quality. With a Samba World Percussion kit, you simply skin the drum, tune it and you will have a high quality finished product. The ‘Drum Maker Package’ includes tension rings with the shell and this means you don’t have to battle with tension rings being the wrong size. Furthermore, Samba World Percussion drum shells are prepared so that the bearing edges are pre-sanded and a quality control regime ensures there are no open cracks in the shell. We can even supply you with one of our 100% Australian quality skins. Just let us know exactly what you want in the drum maker kit and we’ll contact you with a current, competitive price.

Samba World Percussion is currently the Australian distributor for ‘Contemporanea Instrumentos Musicais’ – the leading manufacturer of Samba Instruments from Brazil. As part of our Brazilian Samba Instrument line, we stock Berimbao and Atabaque for Caporiera, Repinique, Surdos, Tamborims, Agogos, Tantan, Rebolo, Ganzas, Timba, Timbal and a comprehensive range of samba instrument accessories. So make sure and check out or new range of ‘Liverpool’ line mallets and brushes from Brazil before you leave.

Samba World Percussion has in stock a full range of Rozini Cavacos. Another common name for this instrument is the Cavaquinho. One way of describing this instrument is a ukele with steel strings. These instruments are already fitted with a pick-up so you can simply plug into an amp or PA and be guaranteed to be heard in a band situation.

Samba World Percussion does not only import musical instruments from Brazil, we source unique musical instruments from all over the world.

From Germany we have manufactured our own brand of Samba World Percussion drumsticks, rods and mallets that are built to our own specification. This same factory in Germany not only produces our high quality professional instruments but also our own range of hand held percussion instruments for beginners and children.

From the Middle East, we have a huge range of Darbukas, Doumbek, Saz and on special request, we can even supply you with your own Oud, Cumbus Guitar or other Middle Eastern stringed instrument. With this in mind, we also support you by offering a full range of strings to suit all of these unique Middle Eastern instruments.

We have only recently sold our last Caisa steel drum and since then, we have decided to concentrate on a Bali line of steel drums. This particular instrument is extremely hard to source, and because of this, Samba World Percussion have limited in numbers on hand. Please contact us for a current list of available stock.

If you are looking for something a little more accessible in the steel drum range, then from Trinidad, Samba World Percussion have just received a range of original steel pans and powder coated coloured steel pans (cases not included). We can also recommend the American made Jumbie Jam Steelpans which are perfect for use in music schools, educational programs, workshops and even drum circles. Jumbie Jam Steelpans are very affordable and the quality is not compromised. Whilst talking about educational instruments, we should also mention our Goldon Educational Percussion range. This includes instruments such as the Xylophone, Metallophone and Glockenspiel that are perfectly suited for children or beginners.

Following Samba World Percussion’s tradition of sourcing unique instruments, we are proud to introduce a range of locally made percussion instruments that use mostly recycled timbers such as Forest Red Gum, Tallowwood, Blackbutt, and Ironbark. Designed and built by a local percussion artist, these unique instruments are beautifully crafted, have rich timber hues and deliver superior acoustic tones. These ‘one-of-a-kind’ instruments are available as a Djembe, Snare Cajon (can be fitted with a built in pick up) or stomp box that plugs straight into your PA.

As well as our extensive percussion range, we also sell a full range of general accessories (such as guitar strings, music books and straps), pro audio gear (such as amps, PA Systems and microphones) and general musical items (such as guitars, wind instruments and keyboards). Samba World Percussion are authorised dealers for Fender®, Guild®, Gretsch®, Cort Guitars, Mackie, Korg, Remo Percussion, LP, Evans, Shure Microphones, Native Guitars, Cole Clark, Boss, Roland, Rico, Anuenue Ukulele, Jupiter and D’Addario strings.

Don’t forget about our technician who can repair and re-skin Djembes, Congas and Bongo drums with 100% Australian quality skins. We also have a guitar technician on hand. Whether it’s a simple re-string and service right through to a major repair, Samba World Percussion are happy to quote on any job.

Finally, Samba World Percussion has an extensive list of teachers for guitar, violin, piano and percussion. For those people wanting to learn music on the Sunshine Coast, simply drop us an email or phone us directly, we’re here to help.

Samba Music – A Local Store with a Global Touch

 A 20-year love affair with drumming has taken Ziggy Deloie around the world and back to Maleny. What initially started as a search for his own personal instruments has developed into Samba World Percussion, one of Australia’s leading importers and exporters of genuine ethnic instruments.

After years of learning how to use percussion instruments from different cultures here in Australia, Ziggy decided to pack his bags and travel to Brazil to locate high quality, authentic samba instruments. “All of the top percussionists in Australia were looking for genuine instruments,” says Ziggy “The market was there but someone to supply the product wasn’t. I decided to fill the gap”.

During that trip, Ziggy met his wife and now business partner Raquel. “Raquel brings a lot of knowledge, flavour and culture to the business,” says Ziggy.

Today, Samba Music is both a thriving retail outlet and the wholesale distribution centre for a business in fine percussive instruments.